Me, I and myself

I am Lenka. Born and raised in a beautiful country in Central Europe now called the Czech Republic (at that time Czechoslovakia). Manager of Tourism by education, travel addict by nature 😆 . Shortly after the wall fell in 1989, I tasted the beauty and smell of the other world. But I was still a child enjoying marvelous family holidays around the old continent.  It was not until a decade later that my desire to travel and discover new horizons really started. Studying, working, volunteering. Changing addresses, countries and continents.

I set off on this enriching journey with an au-pair stay in the UK back in the late 90s, followed by some months working in hospitality and then studying within Socrates/Erasmus Program in Germany, hot Spanish summer in Andalucía, life-guarding summer in the US, working holiday programs in New Zealand and Canada and having conventional cubicle 9 – 5 jobs in Europe. All in all, I have spent over five years in English and German speaking countries and about a year in Spanish ones. However, my first longer term non job/study related adventure came just two years ago, when I hit the road in Chile, Argentina and Perú and later Costa Rica and Srí Lanka.

After coming back from a vacation/trip/exploration, you have probably, like I have, heard millions of times: „Welcome back to reality“. But what if my reality is living abroad and spent on the road exploring? People also think that long term travellers try to escape problems if they do not settle down and have real jobs. Escape what? Trust me, we do not have miserable lives, we are not weird. We just love this way of life that is eyes opening and enriches us tremendously. „Will you ever stop?“ Oh man, how many times have I heard this question?! Why would I stop something I love to bits and what makes me truly happy? It is like asking me to stop breathing 😀 . I have become a citizen of the globe. I feel at home everywhere since I take my experience with me. In my heart.

But you will never understand it unless you try it. There is so much out there waiting for you. And believe me. No materialistic richness can substitute the inner richness you gain while travelling and living abroad. Maybe it is not for you. But until you give it a go, you will never know 😉 . „Feed your itchy feet“ and get out there. On an inspiring and life changing journey which may start TODAY…

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