A letter to my husband-to-be

My Prince Charming,

I think we haven’t met yet because you have read all these articles popping up on your social media showing you all the reasons why not to date a traveller. And warning you of this special breed I am. Maybe, you have been even thinking yourself that I must be strange not having a promising career with a 9 – 5 cubicle job, chasing higher fences, bigger houses and greener grass. That I either escape reality or surely have problems! If it is you, keep looking for another Snow White. It is definitely not me.

Let me tell you. I am perfectly normal and I have no problems. This has been my reality. Studying, working, volunteering. Changing addresses, countries and continents. Exploring the world, setting out on new adventures, learning and living the life. It has been a great ride. Now it is time to meet you.

If you have been looking for me at night clubs wearing teeny tiny tops, micro shorts and high heels so high that I look ridiculous when trying to walk totally drunk in early mornings or at wild parties where a thick make-up looking like a poster on my face is an entry ticket, you have not been looking at right places. Don’t get me wrong. I can wear high heels, know how to put make-up on and can look sexy and elegant (so I will not embarrass you on special occasions when I meet your parents or on our wedding day) but I am actually as pretty in charity shop trousers and trainers/flip flops with my hair loose and wild (to be fair, I may be looking for my brush for a few days but you will not be able to tell the difference).

Look for me on beaches, chasing waves and sunsets. Taking a sip of fresh coconuts rather than drinking overpriced cocktails in posh bars. Lying in hammocks rather than king size beds in 5*hotels. Counting stars rather than pounds in bank accounts. Having a shower in waterfalls hidden in a jungle rather than in all-inclusive hotel resorts. Bargaining for handmade stuff rather than shopping in malls and collapsing under the weight of bags full of one-style-fits-all clothes that I will not wear anyway. Talking to strangers whose life story I am truly interested in rather than trying to impress people just because of their wealth or status.

Take me on an adventure, a ride of our lives. Do not propose with an expensive diamond ring. Rather with a stone from our hiking track together, at a place of our special memories (definitely not in front of strangers in an expensive restaurant). Tell me how much you love me and mean it. Actions speak louder than words. However, if you want to chase career and money, coming home late at nights (possibly having an affair because we hardly ever see each other) and spending weekends either working or lying on sofa exhausted and complaining, getting just fatter, bolder and unhappier, do not contact me either. I do not judge you. It is your choice and life. I am just saying you are not the one for me.

Our life, my Prince Charming, will not be boring. It will be full of passion and excitement. From time to time, I will drag you out of bed in our log house by the lake or ocean (it depends where we are at that time) to enjoy the sunrise with me. I will start planning another adventure even before we unpack our backpacks, put our kids to bed and kiss goodnight. I will tell you daily how much I am grateful for you, our love and every day we can spend together. You will marry a smart, good-looking and independent woman who is not high maintenance and has her priorities clear. You will marry me.

                                                                Your Snow White

PS: You can call me Sleeping Beauty as well.

PSS: I have a strong feeling that you are a traveller too. You survived weeks on the road off street and can food so you don’t mind my non-culinary skills.

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